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Principal Software Craftsperson
I.T. & Communications
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2348 (

Job description

Software Craftsmanship is at the heart of our company. We build well-crafted software and help development teams to get better at continuously delivering software through the application of Extreme Programming practices and Software Craftsmanship values.

In 2010, our founders started the London Software Craftsmanship Community (LSCC) which has grown to become the largest and most active Software Craftsmanship community in the world, with more than 4,000 developers that meet a few times a month to share and learn. Codurance was founded in 2013 and inherited the same community spirit.

Our Culture

We are a truly transparent organisation; everything from salaries to company finances are made available to everyone from day one. We have a flat management structure, with everyone in the company having an equal voice on how to improve our business . Got a new idea? Find two others that share your vision, form an ' initiative circle ' and run with it.

Continuous learning is a mindset shared by everyone in our organisation. Whether that's attending one of our evening catch-ups on new technologies, reading blog posts/articles, listening to podcasts, or speaking at a conference, we are all constantly looking for new ways to improve, and are enthusiastic about sharing new knowledge with our colleagues.

The Role

We are looking for a Principal Craftsperson that shares the same values of pragmatism, professionalism and transparency as us, to join and help build our team in London.

We support our clients in many ways and you will have the opportunity to work on a wide range of different internal and client projects. Perhaps you'll work on a client project from our offices with our team delivery approach . This may be a greenfield project for a startup or helping to build a mission-critical system for a large enterprise client. Perhaps you'll work as an embedded craftsperson , working within our client's existing development to help them to get better at writing their own software. Or maybe you're more interested in helping to introduce the values of Software Craftsmanship and Extreme Programming practices to an organisation through coaching & mentoring.

What about you?

As someone performing this role these are some of the things we are looking for:

  • Client Engagement: You are able to actively build relationships with strategic stakeholders within the client, acting as an advisor and partner in helping them identify and solve problems. You are good at helping people come up with a vision and helping them get aligned behind it.
  • Project Management: You have a proven track record of executing and planning a technical or product strategy, and identifying and managing risks.
  • Communication and Leadership: Versatility in leadership and communication styles is key for a role like this. Facilitation skills are a key part of this job.
  • Learning and growth mindset: You enjoy helping teams and people to grow by coaching, mentoring and teaching. You like constantly learning and sharing that learning with others around you.
  • Broad technical knowledge and skills: You are able to advise on multiple technology stacks at both high and low levels. You can even help a product team with value discovery through prototyping, research, and are able to quickly gain a deeper understanding of the business domain.

It would be an added bonus if you:

  • Actively participate in a technical community.
  • Have experience of working in a software consultancy, or have been part of implementing some kind of organisational transformation (Agile, Lean, Digital).
  • Have a deep understanding of software development best practices, working with legacy code, re-architecture, cloud technologies, software design, etc
  • World class colleagues
  • All relevant training covered and 5 days of conference budget per year, including T&L and tickets.
  • 25 days' annual leave plus national holidays
  • Found something interesting to read that doesn't already live in our office or digital library? We'll cover book expenses - and ask to read it after you as well!
  • All of our salaries and finances are available to everyone from day one. Nothing to hide here.
  • Got an idea? Form an Initiative Circle, take ownership, run with it and see it through to delivery.
  • Life Cover & Private Medical A 'Lump Sum' payment for life cover, and Dental cashback scheme for you and your children.
  • Pensions & Income Protection all covered, as standard. Incidentally, many of these came from Initiative Circles in our early days.

  1. A 30-minute call with Recruitment Manager
  2. 1 - hour technical video call with Principal Craftsperson
  3. 2-hour architectural and/or pair programming interview (remote)
  4. 1-hour conversational interview with Head of Professional Services / Co-founders & a Craftsperson (remote)
TDD, C#, .NET, Stakeholder Management, Java.NET, C#, TDD, Agile, F#, Java, Scala, Clojure, Kotlin

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